United States Gallery


New MexicoMina Sauk FallsDeath Valley ShedGreebHoney RainbowMoab RainbowFalling Water Falls SpringsWatkin's GlenLR1-74LR1-57LR1-111Painted Desert InnChipmunk with Crater Lake OverlookLR1-26ZionLR1-31Garden of the Gods StandingLR1-22Colorado Fire PitNatural BridgeRocky MountainBryce Cnayon PineRock HouseWhite SandsDeath Valley CoyoteDeath Valley Blowing SandLR1-70Great Salt Lake BeachCadillac RanchDaisyLR1-66Route 66 Shamrock Conoco StationBryce CanyonLR1-45Wildflowers with RainbowBig SpringsCollier HomesteadLR1-62Sams ThroneYuccaGulpha GorgeAlum CoveBlanchard Springs Mirror LakeOrgan Mountains Dripping SpringsDeath Valley Artists paletteLake TroutLR1-11LR1-4LR1-23TroutBlanchard SpringsCrecent City Coast OverlookTaos PuebloLR1-36LR1-58Blue HoleBlue SpringsDripping Springs Organ MountainsLR1-114Lake HemlockHawk's Bill Crag (Whitaker Point)CrestoneBryce Canyon HoodooLR1-20Big Spring BridgeLR1-69Haha TonkaLR1-51LR1-33Great Salt Lake BeachBuffalo River with FogLR1-43Mill Creek FallsMystic Caverns

Andrew Crane was initially exposed to photography while living in and backpacking throughout East Asia (2011-2014). His photography work’s subject diversity has expanded and image quality has improved while living in a small city in North America (2015-2016). His collection of work concentrates primarily on the documentation and exploration of landscapes, nature, culture, weather events, and urban environments. This documentation can be defined as the capture of unique environmental patterns using advanced photography and observational planning techniques (tracking river flows, weather radars, physical maps, seasonal changes, optimum lighting documentation, etc.). Andrew Crane currently holds an M.Ed in World Languages Education and is working as a Chinese Language teacher in Florida.

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